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А Project by Voin de Voin

GAME: G-LOBAL A-NTI M-IGRATION E-LITЕ is study of the current geo-political negative effects on the human being and the state of consciousness. It takes on the speculations surrounding the tetrad of consecutive “blood moons” (full lunar eclipses) in 2014 and 2015 and the Apocalypse as foretold by the ancient prophets, building on commonly held notions, languages, visual and narrative clichés to introduce the theory of the advent of the post-apocalyptic Mental Age-a state of Woke. Asking the question if the Apocalypse already happened and might we have failed to register it? In a postmodern, post-nuclear, post-human, post-Internet era, the author finds himself, as an alive being, entrapped in various codes, psychic dilution and ‘catastrophobias’. He looks to finds evidence for our post-apocalyptic existence in the object’s loss of essence, which he believes results from [psychic] repression. Displacement, which denotes the unconscious transfer of intense emotion for one object to another, a process that has its own logic and patterns of thinking. Simultaneously thrilling and disturbing, it is often an unconscious disguise of anxieties related to aggressive claims to the body identities, sexualities, religions. Thus the experience of reality becomes more of an escape route than a way of dealing with it; a space where values generated by dominating factors (such as governments, technologies, capital or disasters) are appropriated.It is by denying “space” its meaning as a distillation of essence and presence, so some notions as “the inner imaginary”, “escape boulevard”, “the melting of the sexes ice caps”, “psychology of nature”, “new eco system”, “the atom as a demonic concentration”, “reproduction and mutation” appear. Building on these borders, the idea of the “advent of the Mental Era”, which Voin de Voin sees as an inner state arising from a new desire for the preservation of life – a desire for a life of the soul. The Mental Era’s goal is to abandon all representative images and work with the non-image/ non-object, which are born out of the future imaginary. An alarming state of Woke is at calling, immanent, so very necessary. Questioning how far the game has progressed? How able or disabled are we at this stage? What is the way to go? What are revolutions now? Is it too late? How do we stay awake in the more and more controlled parameters of society? What is needed for the daily care of freeing our spirt?

The installation goes along with an ongoing performative ritual led by Voin de Voin, who impersonates an enigmatic presence of a shaman; a figure who invites the visitors to step in the ground of procession and take positions in the “Garden of Unearthtly delights”.

Voin de Voin was born in 1978. He lives and works in Sofia. He holds an MA from DasArts, Amsterdam, and diploma from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Goldsmith College, London, EICAR –International School for film and cinema of Paris. He is the co-founder (with Snezhanka Mihaylova) of the Institute for Performance Art and Theory. Since July 2016 he is running an independent art space in Sofia called ÆTHER.Voin de Voin works in various fields of the visual arts, ranging from performance to installation, incorporating his research in collective rituals, psycho-geography, sociology, psychology and new media. Among his solo shows are “SUR(REAL)RENDER”, Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv (2018); “How Do You Picture It?”, The Fridge, Sofia (2016); “Disconnecting Intergod”, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia (2015); “ἀ-μετά-καλύπτω,” Sariev Project Space, Plovdiv (2015); “33° North – 33° East”, Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv (2012); “Retrofuturo”, France fiction gallery, Paris (2012). Group exhibitions and projects include “Thought for Food”, WILD GALLERY, Brussels (2014); “Doubt, Connection, Sufferance, Aisthesis, Eros”, ArtInternational, Istanbul (2014); “Contemporary Modifications”, Espace Wallonie, Brussels (2014); “Moon Voyage 36” (as curator), The Fridge, Sofia (2014); “Bulgarische Arbeit”, geh8 Kunstraum & Ateliers e.V., Dresden (2014); “Аnn and the Giant Appel”, lecture performance, De Appel Institute for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam (2014); “Let’s Twist and Cross”, Gallery Bertrand Jordan, Paris (2014); “My Friend, the Artist”, Coexistences Art Space, St. Petersburg (2014); Sofia Queer Forum 2014 – “Manifestations of the Personal”, Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, Sofia; “120 Minutes to Paradise”, Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin (2013); “If Not, Tomorrow”, Artitude V.E., Berlin (2013); ParaDice, Kunstverein Ausgburg (2012); “Radical Languages” (curators: Maaike Gouwenberg & Joanna Zielińska), Cricoteka Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor, Krakow (2012); “Round Robin” (performance, part of Critical Art Ensemble Program), dOCUMENTA (13), (2012); Sofia Queer Forum 2012 – “The Creation of Myth”, Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia; “Poor but Sexy”, Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv (2011); “Ai Wei Wei is in China”, Тhe Bunker, Berlin (2011); “Presence is the Artist”, Berlin (2011); “Holly Shit”, PSM Gallery, Berlin (2010); “Dr. Strangelove” (installation/performance), Batiment d’art contemporain (BAC), Geneve (2010). He has also participated and shown in numerous international art institutions and events such as Documenta 14, Athens (2017) (off space);  Manifesta 11, Zurich (2016); Venice Biennale 2015 (off programme); Melbourne International Art Festival (2009); MoМА, New York (2007); Hetveem Theatre, Amsterdam; Tanja Leighton Gallery, Berlin; France Fiction Gallery, Paris; Kunstverein Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe; Museum Cartier, Vienna; Living Art Museum, Iceland; Atelier de Vertus, Paris / Berlin; Szene Art Lab, Brussels; Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair; and De Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam. He is also a freelancer in the field of organising and curating events and exhibitions: ÆTHER programmation; Nordic Biennale (Doma arts Fest, 2015); Manisensations, Leap gallery Berlin; Dutch fashion Biennale Performance programme, Arnhem and others. Voin de Voin is the recipient of awards from the Mondrian Fondation for Visual Arts, Amsterdam (2008) and Das Arts Stichting for the Arts (2006-2008). Voin de Voin is represented by Sariev Contemporary since 2011.

The project GAME: G-LOBAL A-NTI M-IGRATION E-LITE is organized in the frame of
Poppositions 2019, 8th edition ‘Capital of Woke’ in partnership with the
National Culture Fund, Mobility Program.

25 – 28 април 2019

24 rue de l’Abattoir, Brussels, Belgium