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Peeping Toms and Jerries

An Exhibition by Pavel Naydenov

In “Peeping Toms and Jerries” exhibition, Pavel Naydenov continues his research, which began within the project “Multipolis – Images of the City” by The fridge in 2016. In the first installation realized in the frame of the project he deals with the unknown urban places of pleasure. In “Peeping Toms and Jerries”, he studies the looks and draws their most incredible trajectories as lines of desire.

The project is specially created for Sofia Pride Arts and for the space of The Fridge.

Pavel Naydenov is a Bulgarian artist and musician living in Vienna. He graduated pop and jazz singing at the Academy of Music and Drama in Plovdiv, then graduated the cultural academy in Plovdiv. At present, “Social Design and Art as Urban Innovation” at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. He takes an active part in the concert activity of Gaudeamus Choir, Plovdiv and performs a number of tours and concerts both in the country and abroad. In his work as an artist he deals with topics such as belonging, subcultures and others. Works with found objects and images, experimental music  and audio installations.

29 May – 10 June 2018

The Fridge, 6-B General Parensov str., Sofia