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A Monospectacle of Emona Ilieva

French woman and Japanese in Hiroshima – 14 years after the atomic bomb. Two intact from the outside, beautiful bodies. Two realities destroyed from within.

A performance about memory and desire, about the indifference and the fear of indifference

“Hi-ro-shi-ma” is a mono performance, combining alternatives with classic theatrical forms. The performance relies on the close contact with the audience, breaking the “fourth wall.” The actress communicates directly with the spectator and the mise-en-scène takes place throughout the whole hall. Real action and imagination are woven into one, through all the means of expression of contemporary dance. The presence of the actress, the plastic etudes, the sound and music environment and the solution of the stage design blur the boundaries between real life, memory and fantasy. The spectator is totally immersed in that world. A new adequate expression of the text by Marguerite Duras is created with the resources of the physical theater and intensifying the contemporary directorial interpretation. “Hi-ro-shi-ma” is a dialogue with the audience on the universal human problem, which is the basis of the work of Marguerite Duras “Hiroshima, my love”, condemning the violence and hatred between people – the threat of destroying humanity. And also the inability to justify human hatred and the brutal horror and violence that continue to exist today – from official political decisions to terrorist acts, as if man never takes a lesson and has no memory of his history and the inhumanity and madness of these acts. (And the atomic bomb as an extreme horror and manifestation of the monstrous realization of human cruelty beyond any humanity). These extreme manifestations of horror and violence destroy human beings and their ability to return to normality. The mono performance deals with how a human being (at first glance intact from the outside) traumatized by the ultimate horror of the Second World War and “destroyed from within”, is making decisions about life, when all landmarks in reality are destroyed and have lost their meaning in an ultimate manifestation of human stupidity and cruelty – war, the destruction of living beings; a human being who walks a difficult path between desire, passion, despair, hope and destruction.

Adaptation, directing and costumes: Stodara

The project is a production of FULLDANCE and it is realized with the financial support of NDF “13 VECA BULGARIA” and with the kind support of theatrical Association Metheor and HaHa ImPro Theater.

** The performance is not recommended for persons under 12 years of age

Premiere: 28 and 29 September 2018

The Fridge, 6-B General Parensov str., Sofia