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An Exhibition by Joteva

The project INELIMENTAL employs light to offer a new way of seeing through the shadows of two worlds. The images are selected from hundreds of double exposed analog films, shot as a personal record of experience over the last three years in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Serbia, Turkey, Thailand and the USA. This improbable combination of elements captured on film, brings life to a series of phantasmal memories and impossible mixtures of experience and vision. Nature and cityscapes merge with human figures, monuments and rituals, thus creating a third documented un-reality, which exists only in the meeting of two separate time-spaces. The spontaneous decision-making in the shooting process transcends mental logic by instead relying on an elementary intuitive response. Ultimately, this trust in an unconscious process allows for the synchronistic alignment of spaces and objects, and points to a metaphysical interconnection between the undeveloped film and the undeveloped aspects of the collective and personal memory.

Joteva is an inter-media artist, born in Sofia and raised between Bulgaria and the US. She studies photography and visual arts at the LA County High School for the Arts, Santa Monica College, Australian National University, and in 2013 earns her degree in Fine Arts with a focus in inter-media from the University of Southern California. Her creative practice intersects a wide range of mediums: from experimental photography, to audio-visual installations, process-based performances and site-specific sculptures. She has exhibited in solo shows in Europe, Australia and the US.

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The exhibition INELIMENTAL : VISIONS is part of Plan for Action # 3 project by The fridge.
The project Plan for Action consists of a series of exhibitions by different authors, who explore art as a completely free and therefore responsible act. The exhibitions do not have a common title, motto, statement or slogan, as usually required by most administratively or institutionally organized art events seeking to promote the contemporary art. The exhibitions do not have a curator. Instead they include an open platform for discussion between the author and the audience. The project aims to concentrate energy and efforts on observing the artistic scene that develops itself into an independent but coherent environment.

Supported by Gaudenz B. Ruf Award
In partnership with [a]cube contemporary & Art Express

1 – 17 July 2016

Gallery [a]cube contemporary , 9 “Luben Karavelv” st., Sofia