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An Exhibition by Voin de Voin

The exhibition is looking into the phenomenon of how languages evolves and mutated via social media platforms and the use of digital applications. Its limitations becoming evident by the necessity to define the borders of the visible, that grows together with the gap between consumption of an image and perpetual representations of reality. Experiences in the present are valued by their shares with its followers. In order to classify and group the images we post we use different means to order and unite them in virtual nests-for example the idea of hash tagging. To take a picture, is a personal attempt to mesmerize the present, certainly attached with its own sentiment and emotion. It is a photograph because it bares no words to itself. But it is not how it functions in virtual paradise. We are asked to prescribe our emotion, interpretation, vision, to give a name to feeling and put it to rest in common pot of accumulating memories.The image is at rest. At peace. Sleeping forever between its siblings? The individual is now masked, hidden, with no real face, with emotion in viral limbo…lost. With HOW DO YOU PICTURE IT…i am trying to reverse this process of naming your pictures and classifying the emotion, but rather use the principle of writing , and create new kind of written sequences, challenging the eye to imagine the missing image, perhaps an attempt to create poetry. In the dark digital age the vice of the eye is the continues appetite of the monster that swallow and processes images rapidly, uncompromising and rises the bar to highly addictive. Do we need more images, just like weapons? Can images become words? How do you picture it when there is no image like peace?

text: Voin de Voin

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The exhibition HOW DO YOU PICTURE IT is part of Plan for Action # 2 project by The Fridge. Plan for Action consists of a series of exhibitions by different authors, who explore art as a completely free and therefore responsible act. The exhibitions do not have a common title, motto, statement or slogan, as usually required by most administratively or institutionally organized art events seeking to promote the contemporary art. The exhibitions do not have a curator. Instead they include an open platform for discussion between the author and the audience. The project aims to concentrate energy and efforts on observing the artistic scene that develops itself into an independent but coherent environment.

Supported by Gaudenz B. Ruf Award in partnership with “Culture Center of Sofia University”

25 January – 09 February  2016

The Fridge, 8 Madrid Blvd., Sofia