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An Exhibition by Miná Minov

Pretty People is almost entirely a photographic exhibition. Photographing is the easiest, most popular and accessible way of making relatively recognizable two-dimensional images. Prettiness adorns people, with or without any irony. And of course, people and especially good looking people have always been one of the most depicted things in the history of photography.

Text: Miná Minov

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Pretty People is part of Plan for Action # 1 project by The Fridge. Plan for Action consists of a series of exhibitions by different authors, who explore art as a completely free and therefore responsible act. The exhibitions do not have a common title, motto, statement or slogan, as usually required by most administratively or institutionally organized art events seeking to promote the contemporary art. The exhibitions do not have a curator. Instead they include an open platform for discussion between the author and the audience. The project aims to concentrate energy and efforts on observing the artistic scene that develops itself into an independent but coherent environment.

Supported by Gaudenz B. Ruf Award.

16 – 26  May 2014

The Fridge, 8 Madrid Blvd., Sofia