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An Installation by Radoslav Maglov

A sterile space.

Objects. Chains.

Border association. Seemingness. Self-identification.

Author and audience are in similar positions in perceiving No Sigh. The work itself functions as a “process” a provocation that takes on a subjective emotion in the act of perception.

Radoslav Muglova graduated sculpture in 2005 in the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. The author is interested in symbols, directions, associations, forms as projections. By setting up a “peculiar” space (object), an irritant, Muglov reaches the viewer at the level of the instinctual drives, increasing internal tension in the viewer. His participation in exhibitions includes “AIDS Memorial Park” – New York, USA 2012; “National Awards for Allianz” – Bulgaria 2009-2010; “The Roads Of Asia” – Asia 2009; Open Air Sculpture – Bulgaria 2004; XIV International Festival for Computer Arts-Bulgaria 2002;

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15 – 23 January 2013

The Fridge, 8 Madrid Blvd., Sofia