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An Exhibition by Stanimir Genov

I don’t get it.
Well, the author has nothing more to say. I could tell you what to write about the exhibition, but I can’t tell you now, he said. After that we talk about something else. Which is right and which is left? What if they are comparatively identical? Comparatively.
What is clear? Is there a right, true, correct choise. No, sir, absolutely no.
Sir, … the shovel broke.
Clear! I don’t get it at all!

Text: Yovo Panchev

Stanimir Genov (1982 in Sofia) graduated painting in the studio ot Prof. Boyadjiev at NAA. He has several awards among which the “ Cyril and Methodius” Foundation award in 2006, nominations for the Gaudenz B. Ruff award in 2008 and the Mtel art award in 2009. His artworks are part of the Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. Genov has pasticipated in a number of exhibiotions and art initiatives in Bulgaria and abroad. Following “Excuse Me” (2008) and “Major-Minor(2010) at Pistolet Gallery, Sofia, this is his third solo show. 

Installation preview:

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14 – 21 April 2011 

The Fridge, Sofia,122 Ovche Pole str.