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An Archive Exhibition

The exhibition is an archive display of all events ever happened in the space. 

Part of the exhibition is the installation Power Fridge Points by Ani Vaseva, Ivana Nencheva and Natalia Todorova, presented at Tanzquartier Wien in April. The Installation includes works by Ivan Donchev and Yassen Zgurovski.

Another event will be а premiere of “DNA of words” – “improvisation for writing desk and two poetry books” of Albena Baeva and Ivanka Mogilska.
The latest performance by Runabout project is called “The DNA of Words”. For this performance Albena Baeva collaborated with writer Ivanka Mogilska and created an instrument that would allow them to play poetry books. This is the latest instrument in the Runabout series and is still a prototype, made from existing controllers, musical instruments and a Puredata patch. The texts are from the poetry books “DNA” and “In other words” by Ivanka Mogilska.
And with the special appearance of Miss. Juliette.

The team of the space invites you to celebrate together the years of hard and fruitful work, years of hardship and enlightement.

17 – 23 June 2011

The Fridge, Sofia,122 Ovche Pole str.