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Dance Performance of Miroslav Yordanov and Valeri Milenkov

ÉCORCHÉ is organic monologue of body – fetish, concentrated in the touch and the incision.

ÉCORCHÉ explores the dynamics of a body that have banished the personality, thinking its limits and entity, radical in its gestures, open and sensitive.

ÉCORCHÉ is part of long term project of Miroslav Yordanov, focused on the realization of mono-spectacles and chamber performances in the filed of contemporary dance. In the frame of this project are created the performances Void, Ductus and Slit – Mishima and st. Sebastian, based on the work of the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima – the first common work of Miroslav Yordanov and Valeri Milenkov. 

The body, the sound and the light are turned into a common machine that makes bloodless incision in its own skin. The incision is far from the morbidity of the wound, of the violence, of the death, it is civilized and conscious, rational and cruel in the punctuality of the idea of the proper body. 

designer: Raliza Toneva
music; Yurij Bondjukov

Presented by b film and The Fridge, with the financial support of Municipal Program Culture and technical support of LAMPA.

Premiere: 24 and 25 November 2010

The Fridge, Sofia,122 Ovche Pole str.