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A Group Exhibition

Mimetic spaces is a group project that covers typical topics of our time. Topics that concern a society that increasingly inosculates in itself, in which distances and time become shorter and the individual no longer has roots. How does globalization occur in our daily life, what is its characteristic aesthetics and who are its faces today? Four different positions explore this subject and show pictures that describe the process of global adhesion. Four artists who are themselves a symbol of (this) nomadic society, and for that very reason, with a particular interest, a glance and developed sensibility, see this phenomenon.

Artists: Valentina Boneva, Pavlina Boneva, Vladimir Mladenov and Paran Pour

Paran Pour deals with construction and reconstruction. Spaces are originating in other places, but later on being interpreted in a new environment.

ValentinaBoneva’s textile collage Graffixilis a new interpretation of urban symbols, reflecting diversity and the pulsating co-existence in the streets.

In her animation Fast Food Guide, PavlinaBoneva sarcastically examines hectic everyday life and fast consumption. Fast food is a symbol of a globalized culture, to which communication is relative to eating a burger.

Vladimir Mladenov’svideo installation Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There unites everyday situations in different cultures, which given their high identification value urges towards self reflection.

Various media such as installation, video, collage, textiles, illustration and stop motion film will be united in the Mimetic spaces project, not primarily to define their role and their boundaries, but first to formulate the feeling of the shrinking world and hence the growing space for action.

21 August – 31 September 2009

The Fridge, Sofia, 122 Ovche Pole str.