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Sense of a city: Inclusive, Safe and Sustainable Plovdiv

Art interventions in the urban environment ority73 \ls

Albena Baeva, Stela Vasileva, Ina Valentinova, Vasilena Gankovska, Simone Gilges (Germany), Iliyana Kancheva), Olivia Mihaltianu (Romania), Valentina Sciarra (Italy-Bulgaria)

The art interventions are the final phase of Bulgarian Fund for Women’s “Sense of a City” project, whose task is to be a medium for creating a living bond with the city, to address the challenges faced by its inhabitants and to reflect the images through which they experience themselves.

Eight female artists take part in the project. They are of different nationalities, interest and approach and they rationalize public spaces on the basis of a documentary analysis. The survey in question reflects  the personal sense of a city of the inhabitants of the two residential areas,  the positive or negative aspects that they have identified themselves in their own neighborhoods of Trakiya and Proslav in Plovdiv.

The artists contemplate all this material, with each of them having a relation to a different phenomenon in the city. The problematic issues they address include urban planning, ecology, ethics of the visual environment and, last but not least, the lack of female images in public space and their role in society. The chosen approach and locations in the two neighborhoods are related to the authors’ desire to express the possible ways of creating an inclusive environment, but also to recall its functions and remind us of the collective welfare.

Welcome on special artistic walks that will bring art closer to the residents of the districts of Plovdiv!

On July 4 at 3 pm in Proslav and at 5 pm in Trakia neighborhoods.

Meetings are:

3 pm. – Proslav, NS “N. Y. Vaptsarov-1928 “, 32 Elin Pelin Str

5 pm. – Trakia, the monument of Khan Krum (Saedinenie Street)

6 pm. – Lauta Park

Art interventions are curаted by The Fridge and realized as part of “Sense of a City: Inclusive, Safe and Sustainable Plovdiv”, a project by the Bulgarian Fund for Women, implemented as a part of the program Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019. More information at



Project by Voin de Voin

The Fridge is pleased to present Voin de Voin and his project GAME: G-LOBAL A-NTI M-IGRATION E-LITЕ at Poppositions 2019, 8th edition ‘Capital of Woke’.

The 8th edition of POPPOSITIONS will revolve around the term “woke” and how its mainstream popularity and increasing application intersects with corporate and capitalist structures. The idea of being woke and wokeness concerns raising social awareness, taking actions in response to dominant paradigms, acknowledging one’s privileges towards understanding the struggles of others, and giving space to social bodies that have been silenced, unacknowledged and underrepresented. With the forthcoming edition of POPPOSITIONS we want to think collectively about what responses and forms of resistance can be formulated when ideologies have become trendy and woke-washing brands cash in on social justice.

POPPOSITIONS is more than an art fair. It encourages new, experimental and innovative approaches to the art market. It is both a curated exhibition and an ongoing critical dialogue.

We perceive the author and the organization as a presence on a living platform of contemporary cultural, artistic life, connected with communication and the transfer of ideas. We work for a market of opinion and contact between open systems. The main purpose of our presence is the development and enrichment of everyone – author, viewer, professional observer – in the name of defending important topics of social-political modernity and creative freedom

25 – 28 April 2019
24 rue de l’Abattoir
Brussels, Belgium