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The Fridge was created in 2009 by Ivana Nencheva and Natalia Lenz in Sofia as an independent contemporary art space. Since then the organization has been actively involved in the promotion and development of the contemporary art scene and the new generation of artists in the country.

Over the years The Fridge has established itself as a sustainable platform for experimental creative processes and original works. Its activities are dedicated to the organization of debut shows of young artists, local and visiting projects, residency programs for curators and artists. It acts in the direction of education, research and dissemination of new methods and techniques from various fields of contemporary art and theory.

Organizer of series of exhibitions within the project “Plan for Action” 2014 – 2017. Other key initiatives of the organization are the projects “Do You Understand Me? I Understand You! “2015 and “Multipolis – Images of the City ” 2016 – 2017. Co-organizer of the International Festival of Glass – 2010.

The Fridge develops contemporary models and practices in the implementation of its projects and presents them to specialized and general audiences, to local and international ones. A large part of the organization’s activities are in Sofia but includes projects and presentations in other cities in the country and abroad.

Over a period of already 10 years The Fridge has provided a scene and working conditions for many young Bulgarian and foreign artists. The program of the venue presented over 300 cultural events, including exhibitions, theater, contemporary dance, performance, experimental music, film screenings, lectures and discussions, workshops, book premieres, etc.

The Fridge develops a wide network of friendships and partnerships and relies on the support of many adherents. Over the years the organization’s activities have been supported by:

Gaudenz B. Ruf Award, Goethe Institute Bulgaria, Culture Capital Program, Cultural Innovation Fund, Cultural Center of Sofia University, Embassy of Austria, Czech Center Sofia and others.

The Fridge is entirely funded by donations of the founders and project funding.